Raspberry Pi Zero
Hello, Lords and Ladies (yes, that’s a Max Payne reference). As you’ve surely guessed from the title of this article, I’m going to introduce you to the Raspberry Pi Zero. That little bugger on the left. It is, in my sense, the best Raspberry Pi there is. The only one […]

Raspberry Pi Zero to Hero

Apertuisane : Flying Probe Tester 4
Hello girls and boys ! Today I’m starting a long-term project : the design of an open source flying probe tester. Why ? What is it ? Do you need one ? The answers to those questions lie in this introductory article, along with the (not so) complicated etymology of its […]

Apertuisane Flying Probe Tester – Introduction

Hello, fearsome hackers and makers ! Welcome to the MCUnity project. This is the first full-scale technology mashup on Nefastor Online. Today I’m mixing Unity programming and microcontrollers, starting with the ESP8266. The result is a development tool you can use to quickly create GUI’s that let you interact with […]

MCUnity – Remote GUI for Microcontrollers

Salutation, comrades ! Today’s driver library targets an unusual device : the DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor package, also known as AM2302. What makes it unusual is its proprietary one-wire interface, which has nothing to do with the Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire interface. The DHT22’s interface requires unusual I/O programming and that’s where […]

ESP8266 DHT22 Sensor Driver

Hello gals and guys… holidays are over and I must sadly return to my hobby : welding and programming stuff. Pity me. What are you gaining out of this today ? A sweet MAX6675 driver for the ESP8266. What’s a MAX6675 you ask ? Well, it’s a thermocouple interface for microcontrollers. […]

ESP8266 MAX6675 Thermocouple Interface Library

Whassup, guys ? I know this series started off with a pretty arid topic, but we’re now getting to the payoff. Our first peripheral driver / library is dedicated to a pretty useful device : an LCD module. Specifically, this library is dedicated to the ILI9341 SPI liquid crystal display controller […]

ESP8266 ILI9341 LCD Library

What’s up, bros and broettes ? Welcome to a new series about the ESP8266. This ongoing work focuses on how to interface specific peripherals to our beloved Chinese wonder. In this context a peripheral is an individual chip, component, sensor or actuator. It can also be one of the internal peripherals of the ESP8266. […]

ESP8266 Peripheral Libraries

Hey guys ! Welcome to yet another introductory series. This time we’re delving into mechanical engineering, for Nefastor Online is also about robotics and robotics means mechanical parts and assemblies. You can design those by hand or you can be smart and use CAD software… such as the excellent OnShape, which is […]

OnShape – Your New 3D CAD

Howdy, fellas ! Today, after no less than five Unity articles having nothing to do with computer graphics whatsoever, I’m finally going to introduce you to 3D graphics. All good things come to those who wait. Of course, all bad things also come to those who wait… so why wait […]

Unity 3D Graphics Basics

You’re still here ? As princess Leia would say, you’re braver than I thought. Today that bravery will be tested as we move on to a rather scary topic : network programming. Specifically, we’ll be looking at UDP networking for Unity. If you think UDP is some kind of political party or that this […]

Unity Network Programming Basics

Howdy, strangers ! In today’s article on networking we’re looking at the application layer. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that it’s a formless layer. The reason is in the name : when he invented the Internet, Al Gore simply couldn’t predict what applications you’d use it for. This […]

Networking : Application Layer

Ahoy, me hearty crew ! Welcome to a series of articles dedicated to networking and network programming beginners. If you’re not a beginner, no problem : everyone needs a concentrated source of basic information once in a while, we all have doubts, that’s human. If you’re not a programmer, you’re welcome too […]

Introduction to Networking